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Date: 2 January 2043
Re: “Bellevistat” Space Settlement Contract

The Foundation Society seeks proposals to design and build the second space settlement to establish large-scale industrial operations in cis-lunar space. Large-scale materials refining, heavy industry, and mass production will be the primary enterprise of Bellevistat.

Format and Schedule
Only entries from registered teams are eligible to advance in the Competition.

Submit proposals in the English language, single-sided on paper, with a 40-page limit. Submit a PDF of your work. Copies of each proposal must be received no later than the deadline mentioned in the competition schedule.

This is a preliminary Request for Proposal (RFP). Your proposal is expected to include all of the items identified in the Statement of Work. Proposals must meet more detailed requirements described in the Final RFP, which will be sent to each team that submits a completed Registration Form. You must register to receive the complete and final RFP.

Statement of Work
The contractor will describe the design, development, construction, and operations/maintenance planning for the ‘Bellevistat’ space settlement.

  1. Executive Summary — Describe the design, development, construction, and operations/maintenance planning for the Bellevistat space settlement in Earth orbit.
  2. Structural Design — At Initial Operational Capability (IOC), Bellevistat must provide a safe and pleasant living and working environment for a population of 7,500 full-time residents, plus an additional transient population, not to exceed 350 at any time, of business and official visitors, and crews of ships in port for cargo loading and unloading, and Maintenance / Repair / Overhaul (MRO). The design must enable residents to have natural views of Earth and Luna. Specify allocation of interior “down surfaces”, with drawings labeled to show residential, industrial, commercial, agricultural, and other uses.
  3. Operations and Infrastructure — Describe facilities and infrastructure necessary for building and operating the Bellevistat space settlement. The design will show elements of basic infrastructure required for the activities of the settlement’s residents, including atmosphere/climate/weather control, food production, electrical power generation, water management, household and industrial solid waste management, internal and external communication systems, internal transportation system(s), and day/night cycle provisions.
  4. Human Factors — Quality of life is important to Foundation Society members, who plan to maintain traditional comforts without the sacrifices normally associated with a frontier environment. Provide access to natural sunlight and views of Earth and Luna.
  5. Automation Design and Services — Specify numbers and types of computing and information processing devices, multi-function personal electronic tools, servers, network devices, and robots required for Atlas’ facility, community, and business operations. Show robot designs, clearly indicating their dimensions. Specify automation systems for maintenance, repair, and safety functions, including backup systems and contingency plans. Describe functionalities of automation devices to enhance livability in the community, productivity in work environments, and convenience in residences.
  6. Schedule and Cost — The proposal will include a schedule for completion and occupation of Bellevistat, and costs for design through construction phases of the schedule.
  7. Business Development — Bellevistat will host a variety of commercial and industrial ventures – Storage of in-transit cargo containers, research labs for scientists, and commercial tourist activities.
  8. Appendices, Bibliography / References & Compliance Matrix