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The competition takes place in four (4) rounds – the qualifying round, national competitions for India and China, the regional semifinals for Asia and the International finals.

Note: For other teams from Asia, there is no National Competition and they submit their proposals directly to Asian Qualifying Competition.

In the qualifying round, you register your team and receive the RFP (Request for Proposal). Your team represents Northdonning Heedwell, a major aerospace company in a future year (2081), and your customer is an organization called the Foundation Society.

Create and submit your design for an orbiting space settlement, in hopes that your company will be awarded the lucrative contract to construct it.

The Preliminary Request for Proposal (RFP) , summarizes the requirements for the Space Settlement desired by the customer. When your team registers for the Competition, you will receive the Final RFP, which describes everything the customer wants in your design.

In the semifinals, your team is clubbed with other teams from Asia and you work together for 23 hours to make a 50 slide presentation to a panel of Judges in 35 minutes.

In the finals at Kennedy Space Center, your team is clubbed with other teams from across the world to work for 43 hours and make another presentation and present to the Judges.