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Welcome to the Eleventh Asian Regional Space Settlement Design Competition! Design the first settlement around Mars - "Aresam".

This contest puts high school students in the shoes of aerospace industry engineers designing a city in space that will be a home for over 10,000 people.

Student engineers demonstrate

to conquer the problems inherent in siting and designing a Space Settlement (aka Space Colony).

Each year the Competition organizers develop a new design concept with its own special requirements. Contest teams work together to create a 40-page report (see samples from index) that addresses the issues and communicates their ideas and designs.

This year, the student teams will be expected to design the second city in an Orbit around Earth. There has been major changes in the usual schedule of the qualifying and semifinalist rounds of the competition.

Important: Chinese teams must register with the Chinese National Competition at

The International Competition & Asian Semifinals

For over 20 years the International Space Settlement Design Competition has been teaching industrial skills to high school students the world over. ARSSDC serves as the Asian Semifinals for the competition and every year 2 teams from Asia are selected to compete with 10 other teams from the world over at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida in July 2015.


Important Notice
The registration for the Eleventh competition are open and the RFP is now available.




The Trophy
The Trophy

An Iron Meteorite which was discovered in 1572.